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Scumbag Fox News Aired Fake Stories And The New York Times Caught Them Red Handed



There’s a reason SNL ends so many Fox News skits with on-screen, lengthy, and often real-time corrections. They get it wrong… a lot. But this weekend, Fox & Friends went over the top in reporting that a U.S. military operation to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been foiled by a New York Times article.

This gave our president fodder to launch his own attack against the New York Times.

The story was thoroughly bunked by the New York Times the same day and demanded “an on-air apology and tweet… in regards to a malicious and inaccurate segment.”

Fox & Friends failed to delivered that apology and instead host Steve Doocy spoke of an “update” to a story they’d reported over the weekend and referred viewers to their website for a “lengthy statement” from the New York Times.


This is how Fox News operates, and why folks who get their news exclusively from that outlet are often referred to as “low information voters.” Regardless of how inept the Fox News mouthpieces appear, there is doubtlessly some sort of ethical standards and practices hidden somewhere in the bowels of their HQ. There just is. There must be. But they know that their viewers won’t hold them accountable and, frankly, the 24 hour Fox-News-cycle will not be paused in order to check their website and find that the news story they still believe to be fact is actually a steaming pile of bullshit.

Faux News. Sad.





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