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Alabama Player Says What We’re All Thinking Before National Championship Game



College football’s National Championship Game on Monday evening was epic, going into overtime and thrilling fans from coast-to-coast with a comeback win for the former champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, to win their fifth title in nine years.

Yet it was some of the commentary (to put it mildly) before the game that grabbed the attention of viewers watching at home. As the Alabama players were walking through the underground tunnel system on their way from the lockers to the football field, running back Bo Scarbrough could be heard loudly yelling, “F*** Trump!” to his fellow teammates — or at least, that’s what people thought they heard.

A second player can be heard in the video, provided below by the Twitter account @sportingnews, saying something along the lines of “damn right.”

But listen closely to the audio: does Scarbrough actually say those words? According to his own account of the event, he did not. Scarbrough claims he said “Georgia” (the team they were playing), not “Trump.”

It’s unclear whether Scarbrough is saying “Trump” or “Georgia” in his pregame walk to the field — either interpretation is “hearable” if you try to hear both words separately, watching the video multiple times — but there’s no reason to disbelieve his account of what he shouted, either. The benefit of the doubt should be given to him, and we should believe him when he says he said “F*** Georgia” (it was the team he was playing, after all, and it’s unlikely his mind was focused on anything else).

Yet it’s interesting to note that Americans tuning in across the country heard otherwise. Is it an indicator of the nation’s collective subconscious feelings on the commander-in-chief, to hear what many had heard? Indeed, as Trump arrived to the game he was greeted by thousands of boos from fans.





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