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Cher Came Out Of Nowhere And Shut Down Sarah Huckabee Sanders With A Brutal Burn



No one can really do anything like Cher can. The superstar, who has made a liberal name for herself being an outspoken activist for causes close to her heart, calling out Trump on Twitter for his idiocy, singing some of the most iconic songs of the 20th century, and wearing some of the most iconic outfits while doing it, called out Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Twitter for her fashion choices.

The singer is alluding to Sanders’ predilection for higher necklines and sleeves with puffy shoulders. This isn’t even the first time the Press Secretary’s fashion sense has been discussed; it was called a “patient parent or field hockey coach vibes” by a Slate piece last May. Not really a big compliment. However, the conservatives of the Internet clapped back at Cher, lambasting her for her own fashion choices over the years. Even Sanders’ father, former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, weighed in on the topic, going on Fox News to decry Cher over her tweet.

Through it all, Cher came back with the most powerful rebuttal of all – self love.

Now, to be fair, Sanders does make some questionable fashion decisions when going on air for press conferences, but maybe it’s what she has been told her style should be for the “professional environment?” Or, maybe that just is her personal style. If that’s the case, all women should feel safe to express themselves with their clothing, even Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That’s not to say she couldn’t do without changing her stylist, she absolutely could, but she should still feel comfortable and confident in what she steps out in. Obviously though, Cher is very comfortable and confident with her fashion choices, but who could blame her? She is 71 years old and still rocking some looks most women don’t have the confidence to wear while in the prime of their youth.





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