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Donald Trump Won’t Apologize To Women, So One Woman Did It For Him



President Donald Trump, who has been accused by at least 20 women of sexually harassing or assaulting them over the years, has described these women as liars, and won’t issue any apology to them whatsoever.

For the most part, the American people are more likely to side with these women than with the president. A recent Quinnipiac Poll out from earlier this month demonstrates that 50 percent of Americans want the president to resign over the allegations (46 percent said he shouldn’t resign).

But Trump isn’t likely to resign, nor is he going to apologize anytime soon. This is the same president who, after years calling former President Barack Obama a foreign-born president, and after recognizing he might have been wrong about that assessment, still didn’t technically apologize to Obama for the comments. To borrow a phrase from a Washington Post op-ed on Trump from 2016, in his own mind he’s never wrong, never responsible, and most of all never sorry.

One woman isn’t content with Trump’s refusal to apologize to his victims, however. Liz Plank, who writes at Vox, decided to mash-up a series of videos containing words and phrases spoken by the president at various speeches, in an effort to at least make it seem like he had apologized to these women.

While many men have apologized to women during the rise of the #MeToo movement, “there is one man, however, who has a history of bragging about sexual assault, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women, and who regularly demeans women in his workplace, but has been curiously silent: President Donald Trump,” Plank writes.

She tweeted the video out to her online followers, which presently has close to 25,000 retweets in just 24 hours.

It isn’t the real thing, of course, but it does exemplify what women across the country wish Trump would say to them. Our president may not be a respectable commander-in-chief, but at least video editing technology allows us to see what it would be like if he were, reminding us what a good president would do in a situation where a bad one presently governs.





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