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Indiana Republican Party Asked People About Obamacare “Horror Stories” And It Backfired Fantastically



The Indiana Republican Party tried to collect negative stories about the Affordable Care Act. In order to procure those negative stories, they wrote in a Facebook post July 3rd, “Did you lose a doctor that you liked? Have your premiums increased? Did your insurer leave the exchange? Are burdensome regulations hurting your small business? We were promised Obamacare would make healthcare cheaper, better, and more available, but in reality it’s turned out to be the opposite.”

Within 24 hours of posting that question on facebook, the Indiana GOP received more than 1500 comments, the overwhelming majority of which were in praise of Obamacare.

Of course, some of the comments were critical. Increased premiums were cited as well as general comments such as “Obamacare sucks”… but the majority of the comments were in support of the Affordable Care Act. Those include:

“My sister finally has access to affordable quality care and treatment for her diabetes.”

“My father’s small business was able to insure its employees for the first time ever. #thanksObama”

“Love Obamacare!”

“The only horror in the story is that Republicans might take it away.”

The post has since gone viral, with currently 10k comments and 7,300 shares. Kyle Hupfer, Indiana Republican Party State Chairman, in an effort to save face, implied that all of the positive comments were left by folks who don’t live in Indiana. Hupfer said, “What we know is that these responses do not represent the majority of Hoosiers who, when asked, time and time again say they want Obamacare repealed.” He added that  the party has received emails and private messages from people who have been hurt by Obamacare but who didn’t want to share that information publicly.

Nevertheless, the comments now include mocking the original post as an “epic fail.”

The most recent polling data from USA Today/Suffolk University indicates that just 12 percent of Americans support the bill. What’s more — only 26 percent of Republicans surveyed support the Better Care Reconciliation Act.






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