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The New Zealand Prime Minister Just Brutally Burned Trump And He’s Gonna Be Pissed



President Donald Trump and newly elected New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had a testy, albeit jovial, exchange of words while the two met with other world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) last week.

According to Ardern, who has served as prime minister since the end of October, Trump made a casual remark to her that her election “upset a lot of people” in her country. The Labour Party in NZ was not expected to do well in the national elections, and the Conservative Party was planning to cruise to another victory in September.

But upon appointing Ardern as head of their party, Labour surged in the polls, and people came to the polls in droves to put them in power.

Ardern was quick to respond to Trump’s comment, providing a witty retort of her own. “I pointed out that no-one had marched over my election to office,” she told Sky News she said to Trump, referring to thousands who came out to protest Trump in the weeks following his taking office.

The comments between the two were all in jest, Ardern assured the reporter during the interview, saying the president seemed to take little, if any, offense to her remark.

Still, it’s great to hear of another world leader taking Trump to task and pointing out how the world overwhelmingly opposes his agenda and leadership style. That it came from a leader who happens to be female makes it all the more better, especially given Trump’s deplorable views and comments he’s made about women in the past.

Although their exchange this month at APEC was humorous, the new prime minister’s views on the president are quite serious. In January this year, Ardern took part in a global march against Trump, before she had been chosen as leader of her party.





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