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CNN Anchor Don Lemon Went On Live TV And Unleashed Holy Hell On Donald Trump



I know the Charlottsville horror is still fresh in everyone’s minds. How could it not be. It’s still bothering me and it still will bother me for likely the rest of my life. It was one of those events that you cannot unsee, you cannot unremember. It will be a turning point in American culture, mark my words.

To that point, everyone on our side, and even some on the right, denounced this heinous act. When an alt-right neo-Nazi plows a car into protesters, you damn well better disavow them all. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because if you didn’t, you’re an absolute sicko and likely side with the Nazi’s somehow. Well, of course, President Donald Trump didn’t disavow them. He said, “There are very fine people on both sides.” No, there aren’t. One side is protesting the confederacy which stood for racism and slavery (aka us, the good guys), the other are neo-Nazis that want white supremacy to reign supreme. I’m pretty sure there are no good people at all on the Nazi side.

Well CNN anchor Don Lemon had just about enough of Trump’s racist-sympathizing rhetoric. He took his words to live TV on CNN and went off on Trump. You’re going to want to watch this one for days.

A-FREAKING-MEN! I don’t think I’ve seen a more powerful 1 minute and 30 seconds on this topic yet. Lemon spoke with passion and that passion is echoed by us. We must stop racism in this country. We need more people like Don Lemon speaking out.

When Trump gets impeached or is thrown in prison, which ever comes first, the mentality of Don Lemon will help this country become great again because Trump has made it not great, despite what he says.





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