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A Federal Prosecutor Just Said Trump Could Be Indicted Without An Investigation



It is possible to be an unconventional trail-blazer and still be well-liked and successful. That is not true of President Donald Trump, who is an unconvential trail-blazer in the sense that he has unequivocally dispensed with many Presidential customs during his two years in office and repeatedly and continually undermined the office of President of the United States.

We can see this very clearly in any number of ways. Take, for instance, the ongoing inquiry of Special Counsel Robert Mueller into alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian state actors. Or the seemingly endless list of occasions when Trump has had his executive orders blocked by federal judges, who are forced to explain to him why his proposed policies are illegal.

Former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi concurs that Trump’s presidency has been outrageous in very many ways. He went much further, though – according to Rossi, Trump could be indicted twice without the need for an investigation. He reckons that the information available publicly about the things Trump has done means that not one but two damning indictments could be brought against him based on that alone.

Rossi made the claim during a discussion with MSNBC‘s Ari Melber. He said:

“I could draft an indictment against the president of the United States on two counts. One would be his relationship with Michael Cohen on the election fraud. And number two, I could draft a scheme in an attempt to obstruct justice against the president right now.”

That’s right. This man, who has a lifetime of experience behind him in dealing with the intricacies of American law, believes that publicly available information is enough to bring two separate indictments against our sitting President. That is a pretty damning assessment of the state of American politics right now.

Speaking about Robert Mueller’s inquiry, Rossi said he is confident that Mueller is already in possession of the legal “authority” to bring indictments against the President. He said:

“Robert Mueller has the jurisdiction and the authority, unless [acting Attorney General] Matt Whitaker puts a quench over it, he has the authority to go into that. Because it’s the heart and soul and the gestalt of what Robert Mueller’s looking at. Absolutely.”

When you look at the evidence we have, you can see exactly where Rossi is coming from. For instance, it was reported recently that in 2016 President Trump tried to instruct the Department of Justice to investigate Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, along with FBI Director James Comey.

It’s only a matter of time before all of Trump’s mishaps come back to bite him when he’s least expecting it.





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