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A Judge Has Ordered Trump, Sarah Sanders, And The White House To Return Jim Acosta’s Press Pass



Here at Blue Side Nation, we have been utterly fascinated by this story as it develops. After the results of the midterm elections last week revealed that the GOP had lost control of the House of Representatives, President Trump held a press conference in which he desperately tried to spin the results as a victory for the Republicans by shouting about meagre gains in the Senate, which they already controlled.

Enter Jim Acosta, White House correspondent for CNN, who deployed his characteristic verve and vigour in questioning the President on what he was saying, which is of course his right, and indeed duty, as a journalist. Cue Trump moaning that he didn’t like the questions Jim was asking him and a very bizarre exchange followed in which Acosta appeared to wrestle with a White House aide for control of the microphone.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders then took to Twitter to announce that Acosta was having his “hard pass” – the thing that allows him access to the White House press pool – revoked, because he had apparently “put his hands on a young woman”. She accompanied the announcement with a doctored version of the footage of the incident produced by far-right conspiracy website InfoWars, in which some of the footage had been sped up to make it look like Acosta somehow karate chopped the woman.

Then, what was already a weird story turned into a positively insane one. A veteran First Amendment lawyer specalising in free speech and freedom of the press told CNN they should sue the White Houseand they did. If this was the plot of a TV show, we would all turn off because it would be way too unrealistic.

The judge assigned to the case was one of the many judges appointed by the Trump administration – not a good sign for CNN, then. However, he just made his first call of the lawsuit which promises to be long and arduous, and it has gone in CNN’s favor. CNN said that the judge should force the White House to give back Acosta’s press pass, at least for the duration of the lawsuit, while the particulars are being debated. And he agreed.

Futher, the judge went on to say the decision to have the Secret Service take the pass away from Acosta likely violated his right to due process and freedom of speech. Ouch!

This is not looking good for Trump at all.

More on this story as we get it.





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