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A New Piece Of Information Has Surfaced That Could Mark The End For Mike Pence



As we all know, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in with his investigation into alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russian state actors and subsequent obstruction of justice. What you might not know is that Mueller is now seemingly setting his sights on the entire White House, Trump family and even Trump Organization – no one is going to be able to escape the merciless limelight.

It’s for that reason that Vice President Mike Pence will find this latest story so deeply troubling. A new letter has emerged dating back to November 2016 which was sent to then Vice President Elect Pence by Congressman Elijah Cummings, which shows very clearly that Pence was fully aware of various conflicts of interest surrounding the incoming administration (and especially the new White House National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, who has since pleaded guilty to a bunch of criminal charges) along with the serious risks associated with appointing Flynn to the NSA.

Cummings had the foresight to alert Pence of these very grave matters and what did he do? Absolutely nothing whatsoever. This letter has not aged well, and it shows Pence up now in a very worrying light. Pence has since asserted numerous times and with staunch confidence that he had no awareness of any of these issues surrounding Flynn. His tactic up until the current point appears to have simply been pleading innocence by playing stupid, pretending he knew nothing because no one told him anything, and hoping nobody would notice the actual central role he played in ignoring the major conflicts and risks and pressing ahead with Flynn anyway.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition sent out a pretty damning tweet with a copy of the letter:

“A Congressman sent this letter 11/18/16 to Mike Pence alerting him that Mike Flynn was a paid Russian agent. Pence knew & lied. #PenceResign”

It gets even worse when you drill down into the detail contained in that letter sent by Cummings to Pence. As Politico reported earlier this year:

“Vice President Mike Pence is standing by his March claim that he learned about Michael Flynn’s Turkish lobbying work through the media, even as a new report indicates Flynn informed the transition team in January that he was under federal investigation for not properly disclosing the paid work.”

“Pence, who ran President Donald Trump’s transition operation, had told Fox News on March 9 that “hearing that story today was the first I heard of it.” He repeated the claim about Flynn’s ties to Turkey later in the interview, and said the revelation affirmed Trump’s decision to fire the national security adviser.”

Ouch. That is not a good look for a Vice President.





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