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Adam Schiff Dropped Some Horrible News On Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, Jr. About Mueller Investigation



Life after the midterms feels a little surreal, don’t you think? It’s as though reality hasn’t really set in yet after that long-awaited political explosion that ultimately came to not very much. Now, though, inevitably, the one major thing that did happen – the Democrats regaining control of the House of Representatives – is starting to bring up some things that are rather unpleasant for the Trump administration and its close allies.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California is the lucky Democratic Congressman who will most likely find himself in the driving seat of the House Intelligence Committee very soon. In other words, he will be in a position to cause a great deal of trouble for the White House in the here and now. Expect to hear the word “subpoena” a great deal in the coming weeks and months.

In an interview on MSNBC recently, when asked what was top of the agenda for the Committee under its new leadership, Schiff immediately replied that his number one priority is “protecting the Mueller investigation”. No messing around with this guy! It’s crystal clear from Trump’s firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replacing him with someone very questionable indeed that he is becoming increasingly hostile to the advances of the probe led by Robert Mueller and his team, and Schiff is wised up to that. The Mueller investigation is not going anywhere.

Schiff knows what he’s talking about and he is clearly taking no nonsense. As he put it during the interview, the American public voted to “provide a check on this President by flipping the House” because they want to see Robert Mueller able to pursue his investigation as far as is necessary and reach its conclusions. He couldn’t be any clearer in his intentions. Things are looking up! (But not for Trump.)

Later on in the interview, Schiff went on to create a whole load of new nightmares for Trump and his cronies. First, he promised to scrutinize everything Acting Attorney General (and recent Trump appointee) Matthew Whitaker says and does regarding the Mueller investigation. Then, he suggested the possibility of an urgent bill finding its way into Congress to give some concrete protection to Mueller’s probe. As if that wasn’t enough, he also said the House Democrats would not be waiting until January to do all this, but that they would get going right away.

Most incredibly, though, he went on to say that it’s “certainly possible we’ll be bringing back witnesses”, suggesting that the restless House Democrats will be looking to help Mueller out in more ways than one. That is not good news for Steve Bannon or Donald Trump Jr. and it is positively terrible news for the President.





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