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Adam Schiff Just Went Off: “There Is No Way For Trump To Stop Mueller From Testifying. This Is Going To Happen”



President Donald Trump, despite all his objections, can do absolutely nothing to prevent Special Counsel Robert Mueller from going before Congress, providing a full testimony and laying out the whole unfiltered truth about the Trump campaign. That is what Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said on live TV recently:

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff joined MSNBC Tuesday following an interview last weekend where he said he has every expectation that special counsel Robert Mueller will testify in front of the House Intel. Committee. “This is going to happen, it has to” Schiff told Chris Hayes, “You have to start… with the man who did with the investigation.” The chairman made it clear that he did not find Attorney General William Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller report to align with the special counsel’s findings, and as a result, the American people need to hear directly from Mueller himself.

Schiff also admitted he is “profoundly concerned” with Barr’s presence in Trump’s re-election campaign, and that he never imagined that Barr “would be this awful” as attorney general. “This attorney general now has this unified executive theory that he basically is the president’s lawyer, to do the president’s bidding, and if that bidding includes shutting down the Mueller investigation, Barr says that would [be] perfectly fine.” The California congressman told Hayes that despite the statutory requirement that declares the Judiciary Committee be kept informed of significant intelligence and counterintelligence activities, the committee has not been briefed since the firing of FBI Director James Comey over two years ago.

This is the kind of leadership we need. Rep. Schiff here is demonstrating that he is built for politics in a way that Trump will never be. Acting like a typical businessman, Trump did outrageous things and is now just hoping that he can squirm his way out of it, because he has zero respect for the law. As you would expect of someone who is at the very top of the right wing Washington establishment, Trump thinks he is above the law, so he gets frustrated when people try to hold him to account. At long last, that is coming to an end, and his whole world will soon come crashing down. We will see Mueller on TV and he will lay out in full everything that he has found, and then it will surely not be long before Trump is finally kicked out of the Oval Office.





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