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After This Republican Voted No On TrumpCare, She Returned Home To A Reception She Never Expected



Suzanne Collins (R-ME) was one of the first Republican Senators along with Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to publicly criticize the Senate’s draft of health care reform, then both later went on to reject the “skinny repeal” effort, in which the Affordable Care Act was to be repealed with a replacement of unknown substance to come within the next two years. Collins and Murkowski faced intense hostility from fellow Republicans in both the House and the Senate, and also from Trump’s administration. Both Collins and Murkowski did vote against the bill as they promised, and the bill was effectively killed when they were joined by Republican colleague John McCain. The three of them, in addition to the united Democrats, are the reason that health care reform did not pass. And, hopefully, the GOP will have learned a few things before the next effort.

The common threat Murkowski and Collins faced came in the form of assumptions that their own constituents would be angered. But that’s not what Senator Collins has found.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Collins on State of the Union about a viral video showing the senator disembarking an airplane in Bangor to an adoring crowd. “It really was so extraordinary, heartwarming and affirming.”, said Collins. “I got off the plane and there was a large group of outbound passengers, none of whom I happen to know, and spontaneously some of them started applauding and then virtually all of them started to applaud. It was just amazing. I’ve never had that happen in the twenty years that I’ve been privileged to serve in the Senate.”

Jake Tapper then asked Senator Collins whether Trump’s threat to cut off funding for health carer plans for members of Congress will be sufficient to flip her over to Trump’s side of things. Collins said it would not.





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