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America Wanted A Fact Check Of Donald Trump, So We Did And Found His Biggest Lies



Donald Trump has been president for just over 2 months. Yes, it is paining me to write those words. Or rather, type them for you to read. In that amount of time, Donald Trump has done some despicable things. Let’s review.

So far Donald Trump has tried to ban an entire group of people based on their religion thinly veiling it as a “travel ban.” He has tried to eradicate healthcare for Americans. He has tried to undermine the efforts of arguably the greatest progressive President in American history, Barack Obama. But above all that, he’s lied to the American people more times than most people know. We counted.

It’s 317.

Donald Trump earned 59 Four-Pinocchio ratings as a presidential candidate. Now that he’s president, he has continued his proclivity for making dubious, misleading or false statements. He also often repeats the same debunked claims even though they have been fact-checked. It’s hard to keep up with all of Trump’s rhetoric, so the Fact Checker is assembling in one place all of his suspect statements from his first 100 days as president. You can sort them by various categories and see how many times he has repeated the same false statement.

The most frequent topic of these claims is jobs, which came up 60 times. Other frequent topics are immigration (46 claims) and foreign policy (35 claims).

Within the topic of immigration, the travel ban was a frequent subject of Trump’s claims during the administration’s first two weeks.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. The Washington Post has compiled a very extensive list and can be seen right here. There are 317 instances where he has lied to the American public.

Look, I get it, the American public is lied to on a daily basis by politicians and those in power. But we deserve so much more than this. We deserve much more than xenophobic, mysoginistic, racist, bullshit like this and what Trump is spewing. We are better than this and deserve to be treated like people, but underlings in some mass evil plot.

Who’s with me here!?






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