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Anderson Cooper To Trump On Live TV: No President Should Speak Like Elmo



President Donald Trump never seems to tire of talking about the Fake News Media, which he calls the True Enemy of the People. In spite of the fact that attacks against journalists have gone through the roof ever since he became President of the United States and leader of the free world thanks to his hugely incendiary rhetoric towards journalists and his constant attacking of reporters simply for doing thier jobs, he continues to tell us all every day, usually on Twitter, about how he is the victim of a liberal media stitch up. This is, of course, simply because the media reports the facts and the truth of how his administration is destroying America, and he cannot cope with that.

First on the list is usually CNN. Trump despises their robust reporting of his every move, so he continually rants about how they are seeking to take him down by merely reporting the news as and when it happens. However, this latest skit from anchor Anderson Cooper will have him even more infuriated than usual. In a very funny section of his live show, Cooper mocks the way the President talks, which of course makes him sound extremely unprofessional and totally unstatesmanlike, by comparing him to Elmo, the character from the children’s puppet show Sesame Street. Here’s what he said:

Now, you may be thinking, hey, speaking in the third-person, that’s just part of the job, like accompanies that trappings of power. Actually, no, no, it does not. Anderson Cooper knows a thing or two about a thing or two and the President of the United States is not supposed to talk like Elmo. You know, Elmo once tried to choke Anderson Cooper out in a green room at letterman. But Anderson Cooper forgave him because Anderson Cooper, that’s the kind of guy Anderson is.

Anyway, like Anderson was saying, speaking the third person, it was a habit for President Trump long before he moved to 1600 Sesame Street. Back in 2012, citizen Trump tweeted, “The Apprentice” — thank you. “The Apprentice was the number one show on television last season on Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00. Congratulations Donald.” Hey, it’s a good life, a good life lesson. If no one else is tweeting compliments about you, tweet your own, you deserve it. Now, obviously I’ve been joking this the whole time. I don’t talk about myself in the third-person, nor for that matter does anyone at CNN.

This is incredible. You can watch the full clip below.





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