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Another Big Blow For Paul Manafort: Judge Rules He Lied To Mueller While Claiming To Be Cooperating



This has been a pretty abysmal couple of years for Paul Manafort. You might have thought that his buddy Donald Trump somehow becoming President of the United States and leader of the free world would be great for him, but in reality, it has brought the full weight of the American justice system crashing down and top of him, and he is not enjoying it.

Paul Manafort served as campaign manager to then Republican candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump. That places him squarely in the center of the Russian collusion scandal currently being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The former Director of the FBI was commissioned by the Justice Department to conduct an official probe into allegations of collusions with Russian state actors and subsequent obstruction of justice, and Manafort has personally already faced much of the brunt of Mueller’s wrath.

Eventually, things got so serious for Manafort that he appeared to give in, saying that he would cooperate with the inquiry and provide them with some valuable information (presumably against the White House and the Trump family) and in exchange, he would receive more lenient treatment. Well, it has now emerged that Manafort was in fact lying to the Mueller team during that period, even when he claimed to be cooperating.

A federal judge has reached the conclusion that Manafort was being deliberately dishonest in his dealings with Mueller, and ruled accordingly, which could have extremely serious legal repercussions for him. Judge Amy Berman Jackson said that in at least three of the occasions in question, it is provable that Manafort lied repeatedly.

Manafort has, of course, already been convicted of various finanicial crimes in Virginia and he found himself forced to plead guilty to a whole bunch of other felonies in Washington. So, in the grand scheme of things, you might say that this latest development is merely another thing to add to the list of reasons Manafort is not to be trusted. However, the reason this particular ruling is infinitely more serious is because Mueller now knows that Manafort can never be trusted, so any hope of him escaping at all is now totally gone.

This will have consequences directly on other senior associates of the White House. Mueller will not be much more wary when entering into plea deals and accepting offers of cooperation from other people involved in this scandal. This is not going to be easy for Trump and his cronies to shake off.





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