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Another Kavanaugh Accuser Has Come Forward



During the course of the last week, drama played out as allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

A woman named Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University in California, said that, as a teenager, Kavanaugh and a friend named Mark Judge drunkenly trapped her in a room. Kavanaugh, Ford said, held her down, groped her body, and tried to remove a swimsuit she was wearing at the time. She was able to escape before anything progressed further, Ford said.

Kavanaugh denied these alleged events ever took place in the early 1980s. But another woman named Deborah Ramirez came forward over the weekend with more information, corroborating Ford’s description of Kavanaugh’s behavior.

In an article published in the New Yorker on Sunday night, authored by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer, Ramirez is quoted as describing how she, Kavanaugh, and a group of other freshmen students at Yale University in the 1980s had gotten drunk at a party when things got out of control.

According to her accounts, Kavanaugh stood up during the party, exposing himself and thrusting his penis into her face. Ramirez tried to push him away, inadvertently touching his genitals in dong so. The event was traumatic for her, as she was not planning to have sexual contact with any many before her wedding.

“I wasn’t going to touch a penis until I was married. I was embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated,” Ramirez said.

Kavanaugh pulled up his pants, and laughed about the whole thing, Ramirez said. Another student stepped out to tell others about what had happened.

“Somebody yelled down the hall, ‘Brett Kavanaugh just put his penis in Debbie’s face,’” Ramirez said. “It was his full name. I don’t think it was just ‘Brett.’ And I remember hearing and being mortified that this was out there.”

Republicans were apparently made aware about these accusations last week, before the article was officially published. According to the New Yorker, the reaction of Republican lawmakers upon hearing these new accusations was to try and speed up the process of hearing for and pushing forward his confirmation hearings.

Kavanaugh has denied this incident took place, writing in a statement:

This alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so. This is a smear, plain and simple. I look forward to testifying on Thursday about the truth, and defending my good name — and the reputation for character and integrity I have spent a lifetime building — against these last-minute allegations.

Later on Sunday evening, Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing adult actor Stormy Daniels in her own legal proceedings against Trump, sent out a tweet describing his knowledge of another woman alleging improprieties against Kavanaugh and his group of friends.

In an email he wrote to Mike Davis, the chief counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Avenatti said he was “aware of significant evidence of multiple house parties in the Washington, D.C. area during the early 1980s, during which Brett Kavanagh, Mark Judge and others would participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs to allow a ‘train’ of men to subsequently gang rape them,” he wrote. Avenatti shared the email as an image on Twitter.

At this time, a committee hearing is still scheduled for Thursday, during which Kavanaugh and Ford will both speak out on the accusations she has made against him. It’s unclear if other women now coming forward with these new allegations will be invited to speak as well.

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