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Arizona Trump supporters are posing as election officials and knocking on doors asking people who they voted for



Last Friday, the Yavapai County, Arizona sheriff’s office issued a statement warning about of people posing as employees of the county recorder’s office knocking on doors of residents and asking who they voted for in the last election.

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Then on Monday, the office of Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman retweeted the warning and said that she felt compelled to notify the public about the incidents after county residents called the Prescott Police Department and the her office about the issue.

Multiple residents reported that the door-knockers told them they were conducting a survey about who people voted for, but the canvassers left the scenes quickly when asked their names and for proof that they worked for the Recorder’s office.

Arizona Biden Voters via flickr / Gage Skidmore

Hoffman doesn’t know who is behind the door-knockings, and said there is currently no evidence that it is linked in any way to the Maricopa County audit currently in the national headlines.

Hoffman commented on the integrity of her office:

“A lot of our community is retired, and they get targeted for things. And I just wanted to make sure that our citizens know that any people coming to their door are not representing the county office. We always try to be that trusted source for people who have any questions. And if someone is representing our office and they’re not, that could be a problem.”

Arizona Capitol via Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Yavapai County is adjacent to Maricopa County and the door knocking incidents come about a month after the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division said that canvassing practices like this could violate federal laws.

The Arizona Senate said last month that it would not move forward with their plans to knock on voters’ doors as part of their recount in Maricopa County because that type of interviewing could be seen as voter intimidation. They did, however try to move forward with phone canvassing.

Trump voters via Flickr / Michael Candelori

Such incidents may be happening in other places besides Maricopa county as well, as
Liz Harris, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully for the state House last year, said that she had been part of organizing canvassers to knock on doors and check voter registration.

On Monday, she denied that anyone in her group of canvassers is behind the Yavapai County knockings.






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