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Attorney General Bill Barr’s Latest Immigration Policy Is His Most Racist Yet



Many aspects of the structure of our liberal democracy and the strength of our Constitution have been called into question since the election of President Donald Trump. First off, the fact that a billionaire who is at the absolute peak of the Washington right wing and business establishment can simply buy the presidency suggests that our nation is perhaps not quite as democratic as we might have thought. And that is before we even get on to the whole question of collusion with Russia. However, perhaps the most disturbing feature of the way the Trump administration has butchered the integrity of our Constitution is what it has done to the role of Attorney General.

Back before then Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and leader of the free world, Jeff Sessions was one of his closest allies, and that remained the case when he first took up his high position in the Oval Office. However, it was not long before Sessions recused himself from the inquiry by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, leaving Trump abandoned. Trump would have very much liked for Sessions to completely disregard any integrity in his role and simply become a political advocate for White House interests. So, the first chance he got, he fired sessions and replaced him with the current Attorney General, Bill Barr, who is more than willing to be a totally partial Trump puppet and make the role inherently political, perhaps worst of all by implementing horrifically racist immigration policies on the President’s behalf.

Attorney General William Barr has unilaterally ruled that asylum seekers who have proven they face credible fear in their countries of origin will not be eligible for bond, the latest evidence that Trump’s administration is giving its attorneys general unprecedented authority in immigration cases. Barr’s Tuesday ruling, in the case referred to as Matter of M-S, would effectively force some asylum seekers to be detained indefinitely while their cases play out in the immigration courts, which could take years. The ruling becomes effective in 90 days.

Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, in a statement called the attorney general’s decision an “assault on people fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in the United States.” Under this decision, anyone who is arriving at the southern border without papers can be deported either through expedited removal proceedings or they can be detained throughout the duration of their immigration proceedings.

This is not what an Attorney General is supposed to be doing. Any other President would have fired Barr. But not Trump, of course.





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