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Band Of Rebel Democrats Launch Campaign To Take Down Nancy Pelosi



We are now moving past the immediate aftermarth of the historic midterm elections and into the realms of the long term consequences, especially with regards to the Democrats decisively retaking control of the House of Representatives. Senior Democrat and de facto party leader Nancy Pelosi, who has been serving as House Minority Leader for some time now, looks well placed to be installed as the new Speaker of the House, but new reports emerging recently suggest that that might have just got a whole lot more difficult.

A relatively small but potentially influential group of Democrats in the House are vigorously opposed to Pelosi’s leadership and have made it their mission to go against the will of the majority of their fellow party members by doing everything they can to stop her becoming Speaker. They are planning to release a signed letter, potentially as soon as this week, which will reportedly allege that they have grouped together enough support to deny Pelosi the 218 votes she needs in order to get her promotion in January of next year.

Pelosi has been Speaker before, of course, but these guys are absolutely determined to stop her getting a second term with the gavel. They believe that if they succeed in blocking her elevation to the position that questions will reemerge with renewed verve and urgency about her potentially stepping aside altogether and paving the way for a new generation of Democratic leaders to take to the fore.

Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton, who is a member of the group of rebels and a signatory on the controversial anti-Pelosi letter, said: “This is a simple letter saying we want new leadership, which is what a vast majority of Democrats and the American people want.”

Pelosi, on the other hand, does not seem at all worried by this fast growing insurrection. She has said recently that she is “100 per cent confident” that she won’t have any major issues in getting herself installed as the next Speaker in the House. She has spent recent days and weeks meeting with various Democrats in the House, both incumbent and newly elected members, to try to shore up support for her bid.

She has some very big names on her side, too. From New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to former Sen. John Kerry and even former Vice President Al Gore, senior Democrats from across the party have been making calls on her behalf, both publicly and privately, to try to smooth her path to Speaker as much as possible.

Only time will tell whether she can really succeed with this bid or not.





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