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Bill Barr Is Terrified Of Subpoenas, Will Do Anything Possible To Avoid Testifying



On the issue of transparency and accountability in government, the rhetoric and stance of the Trump administration goes back and forth almost weekly, according to what narrative best fits in with the latest news stories for them. Back before President Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and leader of the free world well over two years ago now, they were very much in favor of accountability, to ridiculous extremes. They cast out nonsensical allegations of institutional voter fraud and insisted that they would not respect the election result if Trump lost. Then came the Russia scandal, where Trump and his cronies found themselves on the line, and all of a sudden they were staunchly opposed to that very same transparency.

We have seen this through the way they have done everything possible to undermine the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and prevent the full publication of the report containing his findings. Now, it seems that Attorney General Bill Barr is going further than ever before in order to escape legitimate subpoenas and legal action, because he is terrified of what might come out if he is forced to testify:

A staffer working for a senior Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee told ThinkProgress that any next steps by the committee need to be “above board” and with precedent so they do not give the Trump administration more excuses to slow the process further. “Subpoena seems like the big tool. Anything else, we are going to start getting very creative, and the committee has done a lot of work to make sure that everything is above board, fair, and rational,” the staffer said. “If you have to wait three months for everybody you want to bring in here, it’s going to be a problem.”

Barr’s reluctance to testify is “startling,” said Victoria Bassetti, a fellow at the Brennan Center and former Senate Judiciary Committee staffer. The process to allow committee counsels to question witnesses is not common but not unprecedented, she said. “[Barr] is a good lawyer and the attorney general of the United States. If he can’t handle it… I don’t know what is going on there,” said Bassetti, who was among the lawyers that oversaw the Senate impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton. “I suspect that he is basically just trying to find any excuse that he can not to appear because that is not a legit excuse,” Bassetti added.

One thing that is very transparent is the Trump administration’s desire to hide the truth at all costs.





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