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Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Has Unexpected Consequences For The Republican Party



As Brett Kavanaugh took the the oath to become the nations most recent Supreme Court justice, Republicans were rejoicing in the street. The GOP has said that this confirmation, and the “win” of putting him in the SCOTUS, has re-energized Republican voters to turn out and “stop the blue wave” in November.

In actuality, the exact opposite has happened.

In a new poll published by Politico and The Morning Consult just this morning, a scarcely believable 77% of Democratic voters reported they are “very motivated” to turn out for the November elections. That number is pretty unprecedented. Especially when you consider that the poll also showed that Republican voters are only 68% motivated. In a genre like politics where margins can be as small as a few dozen voters making a difference in a huge election, a 9% gap is catastrophic news for the GOP.

Tyler Sinclair, vice president of the Morning Consult said to Politico, “Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation battle appears to be a significant motivator, as voter enthusiasm for the upcoming midterms has hit its highest point since Morning Consult and POLITICO began tracking the issue.”

This comes on the heels of more bad news for the Kavanaugh confirmation where Nancy Pelosi said that she has filed a Freedom of Information Act inquiry into the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh, citing too few facts and little time to conduct a proper investigation.

But back to the poll. On top of this the poll also found that 78% of Democrats believe confirming Kavanaugh was the wrong decision along with 11% thinking it was the right decision. Conversely, 73% of Republicans thought it was the right choice to only 12% in opposition. 44% of those polled said that they see Kavanaugh in a less favorable light. It concluded with a whopping 60% of the country believing we’re on the wrong track as a nation.

Clearly these results speak volumes. It remains to be seen as to how voters will turn out, but polling data is strongly in favor of a blue wave crashing across the entirety of the country. The Kavanaugh confirmation may be a short term win for the Republicans, but it may be their long term undoing.





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