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Brett Kavanaugh Hit With Multiple Lawsuits, Damning Documents To Be Released Soon



Given the volatility and sheer pace of developments in American politics at the moment, the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States (the second nominee of President Donald Trump already of course, following Neil Gorsuch) seems like ages ago already. In fact, of course, given that holding one of the nine seats on the Supreme Court is a lifelong position, Kavanaugh is at a very, very early stage in his career there.

Nonetheless, it seems that he is being thrown in at the deep end. The Supreme Court is facing a barrage of lawsuits of all shapes and sizes from states with Democratic leanings all over the country. The subjects of the cases range from auto emissions standards to immigration to Internet regulation, but the one thing they practically all have in common is that they originate from a Democratic state government that is seeking to challenge aspects of the agenda of the Trump administration.

As a result, unsurprisingly, this onslaught of Democratic cases has been widely reported as a big test for Kavanaugh. He claims to be entirely impartial, as a Supreme Court Justice ought to be, and throughout his confirmation he batted away criticisms and accusations of all kinds by pleading innocence, alleging that he is the true victim in the middle of all of this. If that is true, then he shouldn’t have any problem treating the cases fairly and delivering an impartial verdict unsullied by politics. Right?

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Let’s not forget that this is the guy who, in his short time in the public eye, has repeatedly lashed out at “left-wing opposition groups”. By that, he presumably means the various campaign and lobbying organizations that were insisting on due process (Kavanaugh being properly tried for his alleged violent crimes before being elevated to the highest court in the land). So, who is really in the wrong there?

In the longer term, of course, Kavanaugh’s evident hostility towards anything he deems to be even vaguely representative of liberal values or left-wing politics inevitably means that there will be serious questions over his capability to actually deliver fair and just verdicts. Especially with cases such as these, which directly involve senior Democratic officials. He will have to actively resist the urge to manipulate the laws of the land and the Constitution to give them a piece of his mind. Will he be able to fight that temptation? Will he even want to?





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