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Chelsea Clinton Shuts Down Right-Wing Twitter Troll With The Classiest, And Funniest, Response



As you probably know by now, here at Blue Side Nation, we are massive fans of Chelsea Clinton. We take great joy in reporting on her expert responses to hatred and bigotry in politics and the public sphere, especially when it comes from President Donald Trump.

I am delighted to say that there has been yet another incident of profoundly satisfying comeuppance for an unrepentant bigot at the hands of Chelsea Clinton. And it was amazing. Here’s how it went down.

This week, The Daily Beast tweeted a link to a news article saying that Facebook had claimed it was opposed to the disgusting practice of “conversion therapy” (ultra-religious fundmentalist Christians trying to “cure” gay people into being straight) despite having funded various candidates who voted in support of it in Congress:

“EXCLUSIVE: Facebook says it’s anti-conversion therapy, but it funded candidates who voted against conversion therapy bans”

Chelsea Clinton intially retweeted this link with a seemingly innocuous comment of her own. She called conversion therapy “child abuse”, lamented the “ideological” nature of the politics surrounding its usage and slammed Facebook for apparently supporting it:

“Conversion therapy is child abuse by another name. No ideological position should ever take precedence over the health of a child. Anyone or any company, including @facebook, who agrees with that should never support candidates who don’t.”

This response is, clearly, spot on. That must be why this wannabe troll felt the need to lash out against her afterwards.

This man, apparently named David Lockridge, responded to the retweet in a horrific way. Insulting her appearance by saying she looks like “a jack o lantern that found a cheap hooker wig” and condemning her views as “stupid”, the tweet is ridden with expletives, as well as awful spelling, grammar and syntax errors:

“When ever i see u i think how drunk would i have to b. Ur profile pic is like a jack o lantern that found a cheap hooker wig. Then i read the stupid shit u say and think id 100% just wack off.”

How vulgar. Ever dignified, Chelsea Clinton’s response was utterly perfect. The conclusion of her tweet – “please carve a pumpkin” – was particularly brilliant:

“Good morning David. Condemning conversion therapy & those who support it is not “stupid sh*t,” it’s being on the side of kids’ human rights & in-line with the American Academy of Pediatrics. If looking at me drives you to drink or think of jack-o-lanterns, please carve a pumpkin.”

Ha! Perfect way to shut down the negativity. Good on you, Chelsea. Maybe she should run for president.





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