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Chelsea Clinton’s Response To Kellyanne Conway’s Disgusting Outburst Is Pure Class



It’s over, folks. Those long-awaited midterms are finally over. There was no outright winner: everyone gained something and lost something else. As for Kellyanne Conway, though, the thing she will probably remember for the longest time is the severe bruising her ego got when she was called out on her nonsense by Chelsea Clinton.

Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News programme Fox & Friends the day before the elections to try to win some last-minute points for the GOP by baselessly laying into and downright insulting senior Democrats.

Her primary target of choice was Hillary Clinton, and the political weapon she chose to brandish was abortion. In a ludicrous attempt to take the moral high ground, Conway alleged that Democrats were deliberately trying to avoid talking about abortion during the election cycle because “they tried that for so long”. Which makes zero sense.

She elaborated on her highly questionable theory:

“They tried it with the queen of abortion in 2016 and it backfired for them because so many women said, ‘Excuse me, you have to talk to me on all the issues,’” she said.

Yes, that’s right. Kellyanne Conway, senior aide to President Trump and senior adviser in the White House, went on live TV to call Hillary Clinton “the queen of abortion”. Classy.

“I think women in the suburbs, for all the talk about not liking tone, they know the difference between what offends them and what affects them,” she continued.

Not satisfied with saying that out loud on live television to the millions of viewers tuned in to Fox News, she then went on Twitter, found a news article about her ridiculous statement, and retweeted it. Just to make sure as many people as possible see it.

Except that she would come to regret that very soon, because one Chelsea Clinton was not in the mood for her garbage and unleashed a torrent of facts and class on her very publicly.

Clinton’s three-pronged attack against Conway and defense of her mother was quite remarkable. She pointed out that the use of the term “queen” was completely misplaced because the US is a Republic, not a monarchy.

She then went on to address the issue in question directly, pointing out that the conflation of supporting reproductive rights and being “pro-abortion” in this way is highly irresponsible because they are two entirely different things.

We could all benefit a great deal from being a little more like Chelsea Clinton. Her takedown of Kellyanne Conway was respectful and dignified, but she didn’t pull any punches either in defending her mother and the Democratic party as a whole from the ridiculous attacks coming at them from the White House.





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