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Chris Matthews To Trump: Mueller Is Getting Us The Truth, You’re Screwed



Rolling disclosure, as described by Chris Matthews on his show Hardball with Chris Matthews, is when “a politician tells you the truth, after you already know it. After the politician and his minions have worked around the clock to keep it from you.”

On Wednesday, Matthews explained how we, the people, actually came to the knowledge that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. As we knew, the young, former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos has plead guilty to lying to the FBI about having contact with the Russians. However, Papadopoulos’ sentence is pretty short, and that is due to his acceptance of a plea deal from Robert Mueller’s prosecutors and continued cooperation with the FBI, a much more preferable option than wasting away in federal prison.

Up until this point, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had pretty much kept himself out of the FBI’s eye, aside from the initial questioning about this Russian business, claiming ignorance. Well, now faced with photographic evidence of the meeting where a meeting with Russian officials was deliberated on,  of Trump and Sessions in the room with Papadopoulos, there’s not anywhere Sessions can hide, and other senators are calling for his re-questioning.

Deny, deny, deny, up until your back is against the wall and you can’t deny anymore. Now that there’s proof, Muller’s investigative team will start to determine Sessions’ involvement in making the Russian officials meeting happen.  Robert Mueller is dedicated to getting us, the American people, the truth about the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russian officials regarding dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Feels pretty good to read, huh? In the meantime, get ready for more of these rolling disclosures, I’m sure this isn’t the last one.





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