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Chris Matthews Unloads On Trump During Telecast For ‘Promoting Hate And Fury’



Surrounded by the endless nonsense of the right-wing media, it can sometimes feel like all hope is lost. Where did all the common sense go? Especially when it comes to the press, it sometimes seems like Fox News is the be all and end all of reporting in the Trumpian age. Has Trump repeatedly calling legitimate journalism “Fake News Media” and “the Enemy of the People” finally got to the journalists, so only the loony Trump ultra-loyalists are left? Could we blame them?

Thankfully, though, every now and then, an absolute gem from a liberal anchor shows up which provides a crumb of comfort, reminding us that not everything is totally awful. Recently, for instance, CNN anchor Don Lemon made us on the Left feel a little better about everything with his utter demolition of Trump’s nonsense, broadcast on live TV for the world to see.

Now, I’m delighted to say, I have found another. This time, we’re over to MSNBC – specifically, the Trump Watch section of the Hardball programme hosted by Chris Matthews. Matthews has been paying a lot of attention to the Texas Senate race in recent weeks and, like most right-minded people, has found himself encouraging Texans to back Beto O’Rourke as a Democrat who can stand up to Donald Trump.

Concerning the President himself, Matthews’ views are not held lightly. In this blistering broadcast, Matthews brutally dismantles Trump’s hateful ideology and incendiary rhetoric, taking him to task for his part in the build-up of hate that has ultimately led to a substantial rise in numbers of far-right terrorist attacks over the last months and years, most recently taking the form of that horrendous syngaogue shooting in Pittsburgh last week.

Introducing the segment, Matthews delivers what is possibly one of the greatest one-liners I have ever heard:

“Trump Watch, Halloween night 2018. This year, we have the perfect President for Halloween – everything he says carries the sound of fury and fear. Boo!”

Boom! Chris is absolutely right. Even besides the pumpkin-esque skin tone, Trump’s presidency truly is positively nightmarish.

Matthews goes on to patiently but furiously take apart Trump’s relentless bullishness with regards to extremely sensitive political issues like hate, terror and social divisions. He says “the air is deadly” in American politics right now, which is a terrifyingly accurate description – the current polarization of debate has made life incredibly scary.

That’s why we absolutely need to make the most of the opportunity we have at next week’s midterms. We can make a difference. Vote blue, folks!





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