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CNN Anchor Destroys Nazi on Live TV



Arthur Jones isn’t an ordinary candidate. The Republican running for a seat in the Illinois Senate is so far out of bounds when it comes to racism, CNN anchor Allisyn Camerota told him, “You’ll go down in flames.”

He went on the network to discuss his views with Camerota, who did an excellent job of roasting him at every opportunity she had. Here is one memorable exchange.

Camerota started the discussion by showing a video of Arthur at a neo-Nazi event. His language during the speech was so shocking there are literally no words for it. After showing the clip, Camerota asked him. “Mr. Jones. It is shocking to hear how vocally and unapologetically racist you are. Are you a nazi?”

The evil raisin responded with, “I don’t call myself a nazi because I haven’t been involved in Nazi organizations for the last 15, 20 years. I call myself an American patriot and statesman.”

To which Camerota charged, “You’ve been part of anti-Semitic groups since the 1970s. You’re part of the White People’s Party.” Sadly, this is a thing. “You dress in Nazi garb, you celebrate Hitler’s birthday. You’re a nazi.”

What’s even more concerning than his nazi party affiliation is the fact he denied the Holocaust happened, calling it an extortion racket. I’m not joking. There’s no way to comprehend the stupidity of that statement, and yet it becomes worse.

Camerota called out the vile man for the heinous comments he makes on his website concluding, “it’s the vilest rhetoric I think I’ve ever read.”

Naturally, the Hitler loving Republican defended himself. “You jews media, you’ve gone absolutely nuts.” This isn’t the pot calling the kettle black or anything. “You think Adolf Hitler’s revived from the grave or something. It’s one man, myself, standing for the truth.”

And there’s his motivation. He prides himself on being a fringe candidate. It doesn’t matter how hurtful his comments are to others, it’s all about his crusade for the “truth.” For their part, the Republican party wants nothing to do with him.

So, people of Illinois, the country has a favor it needs to ask of you. When the election rolls around, punt this son of a bitch back to the hole he came from. I’ll





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