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CNN Just Forced The FBI To Hand Over Tons Of Comey-Trump Communications



There has, as one would expect, been a huge amount of talk recently over the possibility that Donald Trump, the man who is somehow still our President of the United States and leader of the free world, may have colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the result of the 2016 presidential election, and therefore the White House, from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Very serious questions have arisen over the apparent exoneration given to the President and his cronies by the probe report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, especially given the fact that the summary provided to Congress by his close longtime ally, new Attorney General Bill Barr, does not contain a single quote from the Special Counsel.

However, recent reports suggest there may be much more to it than we first thought. Trump thought he had got rid of former Director of the FBI James Comey when he fired him over what happened with Michael Flynn, but there is one judge who is not going to let all that evidence slip away:

The FBI was ordered to let a judge review copies of former director James Comey’s memos about his interactions with President Donald Trump before he was fired to determine whether to release them, as media organizations seek to make the documents public. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg in Washington on Thursday ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to submit both clean and redacted versions of the documents by April 1 as part of a Freedom of Information Act case brought by CNN and other organizations, including USA Today and the conservative activist group Judicial Watch Inc.

The public should be permitted to see the memos because Trump and Comey have accused each other “of grave breaches of the public trust,” and the documents include crucial “contemporaneous records of disputed conversations,” CNN argued in a January filing. On March 1, the FBI wrote to the judge saying the files that are still redacted are classified and should remain secret to avoid interfering with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. That probe ended on March 22. Boasberg didn’t say when he’d decide whether to release the documents.

Wow. This is not going to end any time soon. The unraveling of everything that happened back in 2016 is going to be slow and painful but it will be worth it because, despite what Trump might want, America is still a democracy, and we need to see the truth of what happened.





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