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CNN Political Expert Says Trump Could Be Impeached For This Single Tweet



Before President Donald Trump came along, many would have argued that Twitter was on its last legs. Struggling to keep up with the rapid growth and development of rivals like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter was seen to have denigrated into merely a hub for hate and aggressive opinion bashing and ad hominem attacks.

Luckily for Twitter, though, the President of the United States fits into that category almost exactly. Remarkably, Trump uses Twitter to a gratuitous level, baffling leaders and diplomats with the sheer volume and lack of responsibility in his tweets, which on the one hand might have rescued the social network from fading away into obscurity but has also plunged the US into mortal danger on a daily basis because of the fact that our President might start a war with someone online at any moment.

Recently, Trump’s tweeting has become so egregious that he is breaking new and horrifying territory, even for him. According to an expert quoted on CNN, one of Trump’s latest tweet might actually constitute an impeachable offense. It read:

“Two long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department. Two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. Good job Jeff.”

This tweet obviously refers to Trump’s recently fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and it is so badly thought out that, according to CNN senior legal analyst Jeff Toobin, it could land Trump in a great deal of hot water legally and constitutionally all on its own.

“This tweet alone may be an impeachable offense. This is such a disgrace,” he said.

The tweet refers to Republicans Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Chris Collins of New York, both of whom received indictments recently (but have since pleaded not guilty to all charges). CNN’s Toobin believes that the tweet is “so contrary to the traditions of the Department of Justice” that it could get the President impeached on its own. He added:

“The sentiment at the core of that tweet is so contrary to the mission of the Department of Justice, and it’s such an insult to the decent people who work there — the career prosecutors who worked through Democratic and Republican administrations.”

As well as working with CNN, Toobin is also a former assistant US attorney, so he is an expert in these matters. If I were Trump, I would be very worried indeed.





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