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College Republicans Tried To Attack AOC, Her Response Was Perfect



The discourse in American politics is more toxic than it has been for some time right now. Across the world, a wave of right wing populism has swept through the political systems of liberal democracies, and the United States has been no exception. We are stuck with a harshly right wing President in Donald Trump, and he continues to use his platform to stoke up fear and directly incite hatred, making our society more and more divided by pushing false narratives that suit his own agenda. To put a billionaire reality TV star of his caliber in the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world is always going to result in a breakdown of discourse and serious social damage.

The problem is that Trump will never suffer the consequences of what he says and does. Instead, he says whatever he pleases and it is other, much more vulnerable people who have to face up to the cold hard facts of what that means in the real world. An excellent example of this is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who, as a rising star in the Democratic party and a woman of color, is a massive target for furious Republicans who are spurred on by the current polarized state of our politics. A reporter by the name of Dave Levinthal recently exposed this in quite a brutal way with a series of tweets about some of the things College Republicans are saying about AOC:

In a fundraising email today, the [Ohio College Republicans] describe AOC as a “domestic terrorist” — a term often reserved for the likes of Timothy McVeigh and people who kill children in their school classrooms.

This is the exact reason why hate crime levels have sky rocketed since Trump became President. AOC and people like her are in real danger. Her response, though, was calm, thought out and striking for its clarity. In keeping with her character, she outlined the facts in a simplistic but incredibly moving way:

This puts me in danger every time. Almost every time this uncalled for rhetoric gets blasted by conserv. grps, we get a spike in death threats to refer to Capitol Police. Multiple ppl have been arrested trying to harm me, Ilhan, & others. @GOP, what’s it going to take to stop?

She is, of course, absolutely right. The Republican party must take responsibility for what its supporters are doing, especially when the matters are this serious.





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