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Communications Between Trump And The Republican National Committee Might Be The Final Piece To Mueller’s Puzzle



As you surely know by know – because we here at Blue Side Nation have been banging on about it for God knows how long at this point – Robert S. Mueller III was commissioned by the Justice Department to carry out an official inquiry into allegations that the 2016 campaign to elect Republican candidate Donald Trump to the White House involved collusion with Russian state actors and subsequent attempts to cover it up by committing obstruction of justice. The former FBI Director has already taken down a whole host of big pro-Trump names with indictments, but his direct attacks on the White House, the Trump family and the Trump Organization have been rare – up until now, anyway.

A new piece of information about something that Mueller’s team has apparently discovered could prove to be the final nail in the coffin for any hope of Trump continuing to protest his complete innocence and call this whole probe a stitch up and a Witch Hunt that is supposedly Full Of Dems. It is being reported that Mueller is now investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) which could provide the missing link in his collusion case against the Trump team:

Mueller’s team is trying to determine if members of the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee, who worked together on the digital arm of Trump’s campaign, provided assistance to Russian trolls attempting to influence voters. It’s the latest scare for Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who managed the digital campaign and has already come under scrutiny by the special counsel for his foreign contacts

Mueller’s move appears to concern the disproportionate targeting of swing districts by Russian trolls during the presidential campaign. CNN reported in October that ads placed by Russia-linked Facebook accounts targeted Michigan and Wisconsin in particular, with many “geared at swaying public opinion in the most heavily contested battlegrounds.”

This is big, for two main reasons. First, it is the first we have heard of this entire avenue of investigation – to our knowledge, this idea of RNC communications with Trump and his campaign being a key part of building a case against them for collusion is new. Second – and even more importantly – this is big news for all of us because it indicates, quite strongly, that Mueller and his team now have their sites set very firmly on the President himself and his White House, rather than just his accomplices, as has been the case up until now.

He is in for a bumpy ride!





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