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Condoleezza Rice Breaks Silence And Publicly Takes Trump Down In Brutal Interview



President Donald Trump is, in theory, a Republican. But he is so incompetent and his policies so horrific that he has alienated vast swathes of his own party. There is arguably no more damning sign of a complete misjudgement of party and public mood than when senior, respected figures in your own party speak out against you. And that is exactly what is happening with President Trump.

The most reason dissenting Republican voice to rise up is that of Condoleezza Rice. Rice was Secretary of State to President George W. Bush, the last Republican President. So her slamming Trump in these brutal terms matters. A lot. In a recent Politico interview, Rice spoke her mind on Trump and his policies and the result does not make for pleasant reading at all for fans of the President (if there are any).

“Words do matter. I hope that we will say even more that the world is a dark place when the United States of America is not involved. It’s a dark place when we don’t stand up for those who just want to have the same basic values that we have.”

I find that statement incredible. This is clearly a woman who has no time at all for Trump’s nonsense and is not afraid to say it, even publicly. Why is there not more of this in the public sphere? Because of the misogyny and hatred promoted by the likes of Donald Trump, of course.

When it came down to specific policy areas, such as the President’s extremely questionable approach to foreign policy which appears to entail making friends with as many horrid dictators and despots as possible, Rice was similarly forthright when presenting her thoughts:

“We just need to remember the history here. We need to remember that we took a risk that a democratic Germany was never going to invade its neighbors again and it didn’t. We took a risk that a democratic Japan was going to be a peaceful part of Asia, and it is. And so remembering that in the long run, we are always better served by countries that share our values is extremely important, even if one day you’re having to sit across from Muammar Qaddafi, as I had to do as secretary of state. We are safest, most secure and most prosperous when our values and our interests are inextricably linked.”

She could not have made that any clearer. Maybe President Trump will listen to a fellow Republican voice like this. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up.





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