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Congressman Unloads On Trump On Live TV After Sick Puerto Rico Response



“How sad. How disgraceful. That when people are suffering so greatly. When there’s such pain and anguish and fear about what the future presents to millions of Americans on that island, that he would act with such folly.

“Go by the Vietnam Memorial and see the hundreds of names of Puerto Ricans etched into that wall, who gave up their lives. They were citizens when they were called to defend our nation. What an offense to the people of Puerto Rico.”

These were the powerful words spoke by Congressman Luiz Gutierrez on the Morning Joe. His voice choked with emotion over the anger and disrespect he felt from president Trump’s behavior when he visited Puerto Rico and praised the administration for the job they did.

Meanwhile, Chris Hayes asked Luiz point blank if the government was doing enough to help. “What the people have to understand is the topography of Puerto Rico. The majority of the area is mountainous with thousands of people cut off from access to help because the bridges are out. And we need to build those bridges.

Luiz summed up the situation succulently.

“What’s the life of a human being worth? It’s priceless, and that’s something this president just never will understand.”

Luiz visited Puerto Rico this past weekend and his portrayal of the situation differs greatly from president Trump. Luiz paints a picture of camaraderie, of neighbors pitching into to help each other.

On the other hand, president Trump doesn’t seem to grasp the enormity of the situation. Instead, he’s busy throwing paper towels to the audience and comparing the plight of Puerto Ricans with other tragedies that have happened, stating while it was devastating what happened there, many more people died in other natural disasters.

Luiz’s portrayal comes from the heart. Trump’s comes from his ass. It shows that not only does he not grasp the situation, his words and actions are insulting and hardly befitting of what a leader exudes.





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