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Democratic Senator Points Out AG Barr’s Hypocrisy Over Mueller Probe, Barr Left Speechless



Attorney General Bill Barr has done absolutely everything within his power to suppress the true findings of the Mueller report. Once upon a time, the role of Attorney General used to command a huge amount of respectability. It was the one person within the executive branch of government who was supposed to be totally impartial and legally minded, able to bring some much needed common sense and grounding in terms of crisis. However, President Donald Trump has completely undermined that reputation through his appointees to the role, most obviously through Bill Barr, the current holder of the title of Attorney General, and the results of that are clear to see through the way he has handled this scandal.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller left a lot of questions unanswered in his report, which sadly left room for Barr and other senior cronies from within the Trump administration to spin it so that many still somehow believe that the President is innocent, in spite of all the undeniable facts we have learned over the last two and a bit years. However, Democrats in Congress are making it clear that they will not tolerate any nonsense, and this Democratic Senator put the Attorney General in an extremely awkward position with a very simple line of questioning:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Wednesday asked Attorney General William Barr whether he spoke to the White House about any of the 12 cases referred by special counsel Robert Mueller to federal prosecutors as a result of a probe into Russian interference in U.S. elections. At a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Barr was elusive, saying he did not discuss anything of substance about the cases with the White House. He declined to say whether he had discussed anything that was not substantive.

“I don’t recall,” Barr said, adding, “if I looked over a list of cases and thought about it,” he might be able to answer Blumenthal. Barr told Blumenthal he was finished with the Mueller report. “The job of the Justice Department is now over … we’re out of it,” Barr said. “We’ve got to stop using the political process as a weapon.” During a second round of questioning Wednesday afternoon, Blumenthal told Barr “there was nothing in [Mueller’s] letter about the press.” Barr told Blumenthal he thought Mueller’s letter “was a bit snitty.” “I think it was written by one of his staff people,” Barr said.

There is clearly still a lot going on here that we do not know about.





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