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Democratic Senator: There’s No Question Manafort Was Involved In Criminal Wrongdoing



This is huge. No seriously, this is huge. I don’t think we can downplay how massive the Manafort House raid is. Of course, the right is pretty silent on the issue so let’s see what Democratic Denator Richard Blumenthal has to say about it.

In case you have completely missed it in the last 48 hours, and if you read Blue Side Nation or any left-leaning journal right now, you’ve no doubt seen that Paul Manafort’s house was raided by the FBI in relation to Russia ties. Manafort was formerly Donald Trump’s campaign manager and had been at the forefront of the Russia corruption and election tampering scandal.

Senator Blumenthal believes that the raid itself implicates Manafort with criminal wrongdoing.

Go to about the 6:05 mark in that video for his comments to MSNBC on the matter. Here were his words, in case that video does not work.

“Apparently there is now no question of clear evidence connecting Paul Manafort to some criminal wrong doing.

This highly significant step reaffirms the reasons that I first urged the appointment of a Special Counsel with the power to execute such investigative measures and bring criminal charges and redoubles my determination to protect this investigation from political interference.”

Essentially what Blumenthal is saying is that this raid proves that Manafort was in contact and had ties to the Russians in a criminal way when it comes to anything to do with the Trump administration, including the election. This is why this is so huge.

Folks we are only touching the top of a massive iceberg, and Blumenthal knows it. If this turns out to be true, then this will be the tip of the proverbial iceberg for the Trump administration. It could be the beginning of the end for them. Why am I smiling so much right now?





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