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Dems Promise To Reopen FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh If They Retake Control Of The Senate



Blue Side Nation recently reported that the FBI investigation into the multiple accusations of heinous sexual assault faced by Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings for his nomination to the Supreme Court had had its scope expressly limited. Remember, this is the FBI investigation that was a condition of the progress of his nomination; the Senators who voted narrowly to recommend him as a nominee did so only on the condition that the allegations that had surfaced would be properly investigated by the FBI, only to have that investigation significantly curtailed, to the point of its conclusions being essentially meaningless.

Now that Kavanaugh has secured his lifelong position on the highest court in the land, his opponents rightly feel cheated by the undemocratic processes that got him there. Given the looming November 6 midterm elections, some senior Democrats are taking the opportunity to encourage Kavanaugh skeptics to get behind them to bring about some actual due process regarding Kavanaugh. The most explicit manifestation of that to date came from California Senator Dianne Feinstein who – along with her local opponent, fellow Democrat Sen. Kevin de León – openly called for a reopening of the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh.

On Wednesday, October 17, during a debate with de León, Feinstein said that Democrats should seek to forcefully reopen the investigation if they regain control of the Senate. De León, her San Francisco challenger, concurred. Feinstein is currently the ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the Democrats. If the Democrats win a majority in the Senate next month, she would be in an excellent position to push through such a move, which could potentially be devastating for Kavanaugh and for the Trump administration as a whole.

It might not be easy, though. Firstly, poll numbers for the midterms are fluctuating with a volatility not seen for some time in American politics, so it’s entirely possible that the GOP will once again win a majority in the Senate which would make such a move practically impossible for Democratic Senators. Also, there is controversy surrounding Feinstein personally in relation to the Kavanaugh allegations, specifically in relation to the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Reports suggest that Ford reached out to Feinstein privately prior to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. She has come under fierce criticism for supposedly making the allegations public, with vocal opponents of hers including GOP Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas vowing not to let it slide. Cotton promised last month to formally investigate Feinstein’s office to see if it leaked Ford’s letter to the press. “They have betrayed [Ford],” he said. “She has been victimized by Democrats… on a search-and-destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh.”

The key to all of this is the midterms. If the GOP come out on top once again, it seems like little will change. However, if the Democrats make some sizeable gains, there might be some hope. Vote blue, people!





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