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Disgusting Response To Kavanaugh Confirmation Shows The Right Is Completely Unhinged



Brett Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice now. At least for the moment as we now know that Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a Freedom of Information Act inquiry into the FBI investigation of Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault. But at least for now he will be the next Supreme Court justice.

On top of that news we also found out that the right was celebrating the confirmation with, quite franky, some disturbing behavior.

As we know, the left is very pro-choice and the right is very pro-life. With this in mind, each side can take things to the extreme. You see it more on the right with their “abortion is murder” mantra they’ve been preaching for years. But we on the left need to make sure there is a giant blue wave that comes in this fall to help balance out the craziness that the right is parroting. This story is exactly why.

A city councilman from Parkersburg City, West Virginia has responded to Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, voting to confirm Kavanaugh. This is a direct quote: better get their coathangers ready. The terma “coathangers” is a colloquialism in reference to a disgusting and disturbing reference to back alley abortions.

There has been no shortage of criticism and scandal in Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Just the other day the hashtag #beers4brett started trending. This is strange and disturbing in itself because of the accusations against him. If you don’t know, he allegedly raped Dr. Christine Blasey Ford so has said that Kavanaugh’s drinking habits as a youth contributed to boorish behavior. Those women alleged that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted them while under the influence of alcohol, most notably beer. Kavanaugh has denied all claims against him.

But lets examine the topic at hand. This response from the right about pushing a pro-life agenda is exactly their MO. It always has been. they don’t care what others think and they surely don’t want to extend a helping hand across the isle in any way. Thr response itself is heinous, but it sheds light on how the Repuiblican party truly thinks and acts at its core.

This country needs balance and this fall we hope to restore some of that.





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