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Donald Trump Just Threw Mike Pence Under The Bus, White House Civil War Looming



Thanks to President Donald Trump, the world of American politics is stooping to new lows that we previously did not think were possible. The ludicrous policies he is trying to implement, the latest of which is of course the insane Border Wall – which has already brought about the longest government shutdown in the history of the United States. But the latest development in this mind bending story blows everything else out of the water.

It seems that Donald Trump just declared war on his own Vice President, Mike Pence. This astonishing incidence of friendly fire within the White House could mark the start of a whole new age of unprecedented chaos. Trump outright lied about Pence’s Wall negotiation efforts, leaving him out to fend for himself against the press, offering no support whatsoever and continuing to hold the government hostage. Bill Palmer reports:

Now that Donald Trump’s government shutdown gambit has failed to get him his wall funding, and has instead resulted in most Americans blaming him for the shutdown, he’s trying to convince the public that he’s trying to get the government reopened. The trouble is, he also has to convince his rabid base that he’s trying to get his wall funded. That’s left him with just one option: making stuff up. It’s not going well.

Yesterday, Donald Trump sent Mike Pence to meet with the underlings of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. By Trump’s own admission, no progress was made. But today, for no apparent reason, Pence tried again. This time Trump decided that it went really well: “V.P. Mike Pence and group had a productive meeting with the Schumer/Pelosi representatives today. Many details of Border Security were discussed. We are now planning a Steel Barrier rather than concrete. It is both stronger & less obtrusive. Good solution, and made in the U.S.A.”

But Manu Raju of CNN quickly tweeted confirmation that Donald Trump was simply lying about how things went: “Trump makes it sound like they are moving closer to a deal to reopen government, but multiple people in both parties say no real progress was made to a deal. And Dems continue to insist that govt be reopened first before any border deal, a strategy the WH rejects.”

So now we’ve reached the point where Donald Trump is so desperate to create the illusion that he’s trying to reopen the government, he’s lying about the efforts of Mike Pence, even though Trump has clearly told Pence he’s not allowed to cave on wall funding. Trump isn’t even any good at this lying thing.

This is a whole new low, even for President Trump. Mike Pence is the second most powerful man in the country – for a President of the United States to basically attack his own Vice President in this incredible way is totally unprecedented and just unbelievable. Who knows what the next few days hold in American politics, let alone the next few months, and I dread to even think about the next few years.





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