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Donald Trump’s Lawyer On Russia Case Proves He’s Just As Big A Scumbag As Trump



Marc Kaoswitz, President Trump’s personal counsel on Russian matters, replied to an email in which he was urged to resign as Trump’s counsel by availing himself of profanity and vague threats of harm. The person who began this email exchange with Kasowitz wishes to remain anonymous. His motivation was largely based on an article published by ProPublica. The article indicated that Kasowitz would not be eligible for the security clearance one would think required in order to access information relevant to his client’s interests in the Russia investigation.

The article reads, in part, “In recent weeks, ProPublica spoke with more than two dozen current and former employees of Kasowitz’s firm, Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, as well as his friends and acquaintances. Past and present employees of the firm said in interviews that Kasowitz has struggled intermittently with alcohol abuse, leading to a stint in rehab in the winter of 2014-15.

Several people told ProPublica that Kasowitz has been drinking in recent months. (The vast majority of those who spoke to ProPublica for this article declined to be quoted by name, citing Kasowitz’s penchant for threatening lawsuits.)

Experts on federal security reviews told ProPublica that recent episodes of alcohol abuse are a major barrier to receiving clearance, a process that involves government agents poring over a person’s past and interviewing family, friends and colleagues. Investigators typically raise flags about behaviors that might make someone vulnerable to blackmail or suggest poor judgment.”

While the spokesman immediately and vehemently denied an alcohol problem, I’m not sure this  email exchange bodes well for the temperament of Kasowitz.

ProPublica has since released all of the emails via twitter.

A spokesman for Marc Kasowitz responded, “Mr. Kasowitz, who is tied up with client matters, said he intends to apologize to the writer of the email referenced in today’s ProPublica story. While no excuse, the email came at the end of a very long day that at 10 p.m. was not yet over.”





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