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Elizabeth Warren Just Blasted The Republicans Over Selling Out All Of America With Their BS Tax Bill



Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t mince words; she cuts to the teeth of the matter. On Tuesday, she took to the Senate floor to give her opinion of the GOP tax bill.

“Let’s call this out for what it is: it’s government for sale. As one of my Republican colleagues said in a moment of honesty, if they don’t pass this tax giveaway bill, financial contributions will stop. And a Republican House member said big donors told him to pass the tax bill—or don’t ever call again.”

Warren illustrates the growing problem in politics: the rich are buying all the control. It’s all well and good if everyone is on an equal playing field, but that isn’t how things work now. Do you think a Senator will value the opinion of someone who donates $50 the same as a corporation who donates much more?

Meanwhile, the GOP tax bill is nothing more than a huge Christmas gift to corporations. It reduces the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21, which is a huge boon for companies. The “reasoning” behind it, according to Republicans, is to spur economic growth. After all, if companies have more money they will invest that money back into new business ventures and into the workforce.

Yet, corporate profits are sky-rocketing and there’s no evidence of the trickle down they speak of. Warren agrees. “Despite a booming stock market and record corporate profits, workers in this country are being squeezed by flat wages, soaring household expenses, and declining savings.”

Keep in mind the tax bill could add over $1 trillion to our nation’s debt. It’s no wonder the outrage is real. We have the wealthiest trying to buy the country so they can keep more of their money and not pay their fair share. It’s class warfare and the Republicans are the middlemen, beholden to their commands.





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