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Employees Who Worked For Trump For Years Fired During The Middle Of The Government Shutdown Speak Out



President Donald Trump often talks a good talk. If you just believed what he said, it might seem like he truly believes he is doing what is best for America and that when he says something like he intends to protect the rights and fundamental protections of working class citizens in the United States, that he actually means it. The reality, of course, tells a totally different story. As it happens, Trump could not care less about any of this, which is why a particularly furious group of workers decided that enough is enough and stormed up to Congress to express their feelings about the policies of the current administration:

During more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo. Because of the “outstanding” support she has provided during Mr. Trump’s visits, Ms. Morales in July was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name. Quite an achievement for an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.

Ms. Morales’s journey from cultivating corn in rural Guatemala to fluffing pillows at an exclusive golf resort took her from the southwest border, where she said she crossed illegally in 1999, to the horse country of New Jersey, where she was hired at the Trump property in 2013 with documents she said were phony. She said she was not the only worker at the club who was in the country illegally.

Sandra Diaz, 46, a native of Costa Rica who is now a legal resident of the United States, said she, too, was undocumented when she worked at Bedminster between 2010 and 2013. The two women said they worked for years as part of a group of housekeeping, maintenance and landscaping employees at the golf club that included a number of undocumented workers, though they could not say precisely how many. There is no evidence that Mr. Trump or Trump Organization executives knew of their immigration status. But at least two supervisors at the club were aware of it, the women said, and took steps to help workers evade detection and keep their jobs.

That’s right. While making an immense fuss about the apparent scourge on America that is illegal immigration, Trump employs illegal immigrants for his own personal use, but then manages the situation so badly that they feel the need to run to Congress for help and protection. This man is not fit to be our President.





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