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Eric Trump Falsely Claims Family Business Has No Ties To Saudi Arabia On Live TV



International politics is very complicated and diplomacy is an extremely delicate matter. In spite of this, Eric Trump apparently think it’s acceptable to plonk his face on TV sets across the country and churn out nonsensical rhetoric and blatant lies about ongoing international crises.

The latest such occurrence concerned the complex and difficult matter of the alleged murder of Saudi Arabian journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. One of the many, many disadvantages of having an establishment GOP billionaire as our president is that the government cannot possibly be impartial on issues involving people with whom they have business relations and therefore vested financial interests.

Putting aside the small government matter of the US being a “friend” of the Saudis on the world stage by not only failing to condemn the appalling and needless war they are waging in Yemen but also selling them the weapons to fight it with, the Trump family is also well-known to have done countless highly questionable business deals with senior and influential people in that country.

“We have zero financial relationships with Saudi Arabia,” Eric said abruptly when asked about his family’s ties to the regime by the Fox & Friends hosts. “It’s a narrative the Democrats like to throw around.” This truly is the age of alternative facts not only being whipped out in interviews but also being trotted out as excuses for the destructive worldview manifesting itself at the very top of government.

To be clear, this statement from the little Trump is absolutely and completely 100% false. See, for instance, this NBC report about how the Saudi government purchased an entire floor in Trump World Tower for $4.5million, along with a $20million yacht. If that isn’t satisfactory, check out this Washington Post article about sizeable Saudi investment in Trump’s hotels as recent as August this year.

Eric Trump is overtly and deliberately misleading the American public by issuing brazen denials of things that are demonstrably true and damning in order to excuse his father’s outrageous activities. It’s the end of days, people.

Oh, wait, hang on. Little Eric isn’t – technically – an official spokesperson for the administration. So that’s OK then.

“I’m not in the administration,” he moaned. “I’m a civilian in this whole process looking in. This is the problem. You have a powerful ally in a very unstable part of the world, where we have very few allies. And you have an atrocity.”

Seriously. He actually said that. Incredible.





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