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Evidence Suggesting Mueller Is About To Throw New Indictments Trump’s Way



The election of Donald Trump to the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world back in 2016 was hugely disheartening for all of us on the left of American politics because it represented a huge backwards shift in political progress. Trump was enormously confident, and it seemed like he was going to take up that office with a terrifying brashness and swiftly and irresponsibly put all his right wing reforms into place. However, there is one very good reason that he has been unable to do that: the allegations that his campaign colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the election result, and the investigation into that that has dogged his presidency and hung like a dark cloud over his head for the last two years.

Led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a team of loyal patriots and valiant servants of their country have done their best to rescue the integrity of American democracy by investigating the campaign and doing their all to expose the dodgy workings and dirty tricks of that campaign machine, especially when it comes to collusion with foreign powers. That is why we were led to be extremely disappointed once again when Attorney General Bill Barr was able to proudly announce that the concluded Mueller report contained no evidence of conclusion. It seemed to ridiculous to be true. And now recent reports have revealed that there was much more to it than we first thought.

It looked to begin with like Mueller had given up. It looked like he had tried to find some hard evidence of collusion but failed, and decided to throw in the towel and call it a day. As a result, Bill Barr and the entire White House let their guard down and started shouting loudly about exoneration. Meanwhile, Mueller has been doing things in the background that no one ever expected, least of all Trump, which will bring this investigation to a conclusion once and for all and finally reveal what actually went on in 2016.

Mueller is chasing up key leads from his investigation, in a way that will be extremely troubling for Trump and his cronies. He has recently handed over control of the grand jury case into Andrew Miller (a close associate of Roger Stone, a Trump crony who Mueller has indicted) to the DC US Attorney’s office, where many more significant steps forward can be made. Mueller is not done yet, and Trump would do well to be concerned.





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