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Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Just Gave Trump Horrible News On Mueller Investigation



The old adage – history repeats itself. It has, time and time again; this day and age is no different. In 1972 under the presidency of Richard Nixon, there was a huge scandal called Watergate. For anyone that needs a refresher, five men broke into the Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel office. When Congress investigated, the Nixon administration created a constitutional crisis by attempting to hide its involvement in the incident and it ultimately resulted in Nixon’s impeachment and resignation.

On MSNBC’s The Last Word, Jill Wine-Banks, a former United States lawyer who was a prosecutor on the Watergate scandal, spoke about how the precedent that had been set by former presidents she believes will force Trump to testify.

“It’s not his choice. If he wants to try to evade what he had already promised, he can be subpoenaed. So he either cooperates which would be politically the smart thing to do, or he gets subpoenaed, which would be politically very bad for him,” said Wine-Banks. “He has to appear. He has to testify; he would not be the first president to do that. We interviewed Nixon after he resigned. Clinton had to testify. Ford had to testify. So he’s going to have to testify and he may as well do it gracefully instead of making it look even worse for him.”

She also explained the similarities between current events and the Saturday Night Massacre during Watergate. On the evening of the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon ordered his attorney general to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox, which led to the resignation of his attorney general, deputy attorney general, and the firing of Cox, all in one night.

“It’s sort of like what led to the Saturday Night Massacre,” said Wine-Banks. “When Nixon tried to compromise with us by offering, he wouldn’t give us the tapes, he would let Senator Stennis listen to the tapes and tell us what they said, which would not have been admissible evidence, we couldn’t accept that, that’s what led to the press conference that led to the Saturday Night Massacre. So, he can’t compromise and I don’t think Mueller will be likely to say ‘OK, you can answer written questions,’ that’s just not going to happen.”

It’s too bad the Trump team didn’t take a lesson from history, maybe this entire investigation could have been avoided if he had maintained a clean campaign; however, unfortunately, this is where we are now. Trump will have to testify. He will not have a choice. The time is coming.





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