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Explosive Proof Trump’s Election Tricks Were Nothing But Smoke And Mirrors, Multiple Federal Crimes Confirmed



Every right thinking person knows roughly what happened during the 2016 Presidential election. Then candidate Donald J. Trump, hereditary billionaire and absolute pillar of the American establishment, ludicrously decided to campaign for the Presidency on a populist, anti-establishment platform and won by whipping up votes through stoking racism and xenophobia and by spending some of his vast wealth on buying votes.

Oh, and he almost certainly colluded with foreign powers in order to undemocratically steal the election from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and then obstructed justice in a clumsy attempt to cover it up.

Like I say, any right thinking person can see that this is roughly what happens. It therefore follows that the ongoing investigation into those alleged offenses by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not only warranted but absolutely necessary, and it is absolutely not a “witch hunt” cooked up by the “deep state”, as the White House would so like you to believe.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we now have explosive new evidence about the conduct of President Trump and his team which could prove to be highly compromising for him and his cronies in the near future.

Remember when Trump fuelled the fire of misogyny, intolerance and hatred against Hillary Clinton by getting his enraged supporters at campaign rallies to chant Lock her up! Lock her up! in relation to supposed misconduct over using a private email server while in government? We now know, of course, that First Daughter and Senior Adviser to the President, Ivanka Trump, did exactly the same thing while in the White House. But this new report suggests the cataclysmic incompetence might go even deeper than that.

It seems that Jared Kusher, instrumental to Trump’s campaign and White House, and former FBI Director James Comey, whose public comments about the Clinton email saga in the days leading up to the election arguably cost her the Presidency, are all also guilty of that exact same offense.

That’s right. It seems that these senior Trump officials also used private email servers to communicate extremely sensitive  information and, more than that, it now seems clear that there was some kind of conspiracy at the very top of government in order to target the Comey revelations to hurt Clinton the most. Here’s what Clinton herself had to say in reaction to the bombshell news:

“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful. But our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum. We dropped, and we had to keep really pushing ahead to regain our advantage – which going into the last weekend, we had. We were once again up in all but two of the battleground states, and we were up considerably in some that we ended up losing. And we were feeling like we had put it back together.”

If this turns out to be true, it will be a scandal unprecedented in American history. Watergate will look tiny in comparison. I would not want to be in Trump’s shoes right now.





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