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Father’s Day in MAGA-land was a mixture of insults and delusion seen in messages by Trump, Boebert, and Lin Wood



Father’s Day in the world Donald Trump and his ultra-conservative, reality-denying followers, went about like most would expect.

The former found was apparently incapable of simply saying “Happy Father’s Day ” in a Sunday message, opting, opting to instead strangely, but predictably, using the day to attack his critics:

“Happy Father’s Day to all, including the Radical Left, RINOs, and other Losers of the world. Hopefully, eventually, everyone will come together!”

via Twitter

Based on some of the Twitter replies, many will not be coming together over his inspirational Father’s Day message:

Controversial Trump-loving Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert also used the holiday to troll Twitter users and draw attention to herself in a pair of lovely tweets:

“Happy Father’s Day to all the non-birthing people”

 “Ladies, happy sandwich making day!”

Her tweet about making sandwiches, implying homemaking is all women have to offer society, allowed for many users to remind her about the time her restaurant served sliders that led to reports of food poisoning:

Via Twitter

Lastly, and perhaps most pathetically, former MAGA attorney Lin Wood for the second straight year lamented on Father’s Day that his children won’t even talk to him.  Wood is undeterred, however, by losing his family, and doubled down on support of Donald Trump, who he believes will retake the Presidency this August.

Wood wrote in his message:

“I will reverse roles and give them a gift which in time, they will cherish for the rest of their lives. My gift to them is my renewed commitment to fight the enemies of freedom so that my children and their children and generations of children to come, will breathe the fresh air of liberty.”

via Facebook

He added that he will “only surrender to God,” and that “Insignificant will not be on my tombstone.”

He continued:

“One man CAN make a difference. And every man should try. I know millions of Patriot (sic) fathers share my feelings and will give this same gift to their children today.”






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