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FBI Confirms Kavanaugh Probe Was Inadequate, White House Limited The Investigation



Wednesday delivered yet another bombshell this week in the news cycle. FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke to the Senate and confirmed that the White House limited the investigation into Supreme Court then nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Wray said, “Our supplemental update to the previous background investigation was limited in scope and that…is consistent with the standard process for such investigations going back a long ways.”

“I’ve spoken with our background investigation specialists and they have assured me this was handled in a way consistent with their experience and the standard process. Very specific in scope—limited in scope.”

This is hugely troubling for many reasons, but 2 stick out in my mind. First, why is the FBI’s standard operating procedure limited in scope when the highest positions in the land are at stake? Second, why is the White House telling you to limit the scope of an alleged rapist who could be a Supreme Court justice? Both of those scenarios make exactly zero sense.

Per Politico, “Wray confirmed that background investigations are handled differently from other FBI probes and that the scope of inquiries into judicial nominees is dictated by the White House. However, he declined to discuss any specifics about what the White House decided should or should not be examined during the brief follow-up investigation conducted following the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.”

What this confirmation means is that we need a change in the system. Supreme Court justice candidates that are under federal investigation for sexual assault should not be confirmed until those accused are fully acquitted of all charges. Right now, all Brett Kavanaugh can be is a SCOTUS justice who is an alleged rapist. How can that be a possibility in this day and age?

Kavanaugh concluded his Senate face-to-face without saying anything too damning. However, he did have this to say about facts in our society, “We think decisions need to be based on facts. I think more and more this country could stand to, everybody take a deep breath and calm down for a second and focus on the facts. And that’s what we’re going to do at the FBI.”

Maybe the FBI should look into the facts more closely and not let the White House hold the leash when the nation’s justice system is at stake? Just a thought.





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