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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Just Released The Scale Of Russian Electoral Database Hacking



In the latest twist to the Russian collusion story, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has now revealed the extent of Russian interference in Florida’s elections, and it is worse than anyone could possibly have imagined. If this does not kick things into gear, nothing will:

Gov. Ron DeSantis met with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security last Friday to discuss the revelation in Robert Mueller’s report that “at least one” Florida county had its election information accessed by Russian hackers in 2016. DeSantis told reporters Tuesday that he had been briefed on that breach — which he said actually happened in two counties in Florida — but that he couldn’t share which counties had been the target. “I’m not allowed to name the counties. I signed a (non)disclosure agreement,” DeSantis said, emphasizing that he “would be willing to name it” but “they asked me to sign it so I’m going to respect their wishes.”

DeSantis emphasized that while the counties had experienced “intrusion into the supervisor of election networks,” no information was manipulated or changed, and said it’s possible they obtained voter information that was public record anyway. Voter registration databases are not connected to the vote tabulation systems. DeSantis’ comments came during a surreal Capitol news conference during which he wouldn’t elaborate on the highly unusual situation of the federal government asking a governor to sign a nondisclosure agreement, especially in a case involving that governor’s own state. After some questions, he paused to consider how much he was allowed to share with the public.

It is still unbelievable that we have now reached the point where this is barely even a story. The man who sits in the Oval Office has had to deny being an active Russian agent. Donald J. Trump is still somehow President of the United States and leader of the free world, in spite of the overwhelming evidence showing how he won that office with the help of the Russian government. In that context, some electoral database hacking in Florida seems, incredibly, like a relatively insignificant story, even though it would be breaking news in any other country in the world.

These are the depths America has sunk to. We can pin some hope on the investigations of committees in Congress to try to establish exactly what went down in our recent elections, but American democracy has been irreparably damaged and will never be the same again.





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