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Foreign Journalist Attacked At Trump Rally: Trump Should Be Charged & Forced To Resign



President Donald Trump combines so many forms of bigotry that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all his horrendous prejudices. Perhaps his two worst forms of bigotry are his xenophobia and his hatred of journalists. On the one hand, he has pledged to build a Border Wall to keep Mexican “rapists” out of the United States and tried to ban all Muslims from entering America. On the other hand, he continually blasts journalists for doing their job and reporting on him fairly and accurately, frequently calling the press the Fake News Media and the True Enemy of the People.

Recently, these two things came together to form a terrible mix of horrid aggression at one of Trump’s rallies, which are famously tense because of the audacity of his supporters and his ability to rile people up into a violent frenzy and incite attacks. At a rally in Texas, a journalist from the United Kingdom was viciously attacked by a Trump supporter in shocking scenes, in an incident surely motivated by that very same xenophobia and “America First” hatred for the rest of the world that is motivating Trump in his policies. We can tell this, for example, from the fact that the attacker was wearing a MAGA hat at the time and shouted “F*** the media!” as he launched himself at the cameraman.

The name fo the victim is Ron Skeans, and he was reporting on the occasion for BBC News, who later reported that the attendee had “shoved and swore at the BBC‘s Ron Skeans and other news crews before being pulled away”. Skeans himself later recalled that the incident began when he felt a “very hard shove” from somebody behind him.

Commentator Scott Dworkin, of the Democratic Coalition, was furious:

“Trump should be charged & forced to resign in relation to the assault on the BBC cameraman at his rally last night. No one is above the law. Trump’s words clearly provoked this attack. It was unpresidential & un-American. Which is normal to Trump, but we can’t let it be the norm.”

How long will it be before people like Donald Trump start taking responsibility for their actions? How long will it be before the elites in our country are forced to take account of their behavior and think about how their self serving inflammatory rhetoric impacts the world around them?





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